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We can provide you mercedes navigation map codes and anti theft codes, which will allow you to

update your current map version or change its region.

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Also for cars like BMW, Porche, Range Rover maps can be updated or regions can be changed.

How ever for anti theft pin we will require prove of ownership of car to avoid illegal use of pin.

The code will enable navigation and allow to update the map (Malaysia, Singapore,

Thailand, Hong Kong, Brunei, Vietnam), MIDDLE EAST , EUROPE , USA OR ANY REGION For

ordering we will need map version and vin number. Works with these

Mercedes vehicles equiped with COMAND ONLINE NTG4.5 or NTG4.7 AND NTG 5 navigation


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We can also provide maps for: Europe, South Africa, Turkey, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Malaysia,

Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Middle East

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A Class W176

B Class W246

C Class W204

CLA W117

CLS W218

E Class W212

S Class W221

S Class W222

G Glass W463

GLK X204

GLA X156

SL R231

ML GL W166

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