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If you are looking to update your older CCC Navigation System or install an OEM Navigation System for the first time, this retrofit is right for you.
Our Base Kit includes:
CIC head unit (80 Gb, HDD based), updated with the latest software and pre-coded for your vehicle
CID Display 8.8”
CID power connector and cable
Latest maps (if available in your region and if navigation activation is chosen)
USB connector and cable for the glove box compartment
Full Retrofit coding
Video in motion activation
Activation Options: You have a choice of two activation options: OEM or hardware activation.
OEM activation uses OEM FSC code to activation your Navigation and, Voice Control, if desired. Hardware activation activates navigation AND voice, and is a more cost-effective approach. It is a very popular approach, especially amongst the owners of older BMWs, for which CIC navigation system was never offered.
Additional Options: You can also choose to get a new style iDrive controller, faceplate, USB K+DCAN cable for remote coding and climate control panel (if your vehicle is Pre-LCI).
CIC Retrofit Kit is available in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Polish, Swedish, Romanian, Hungarian, Turkish and Greek.
The following languages below are subject to additional costs: Arabic, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean and Japanese. Please contact us for details.
Voice Control Option is only available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.
Fine Print: Plastic bezel is required for installation of the new style iDrive controller to the older style center trim plastic panel. Please note that additional rework of the plastic panel will be required to fit the bezel and new controller (cutting, sawing, etc.) Alternativelly a new plastic panel for the new controller can be ordered in addition to the CIC kit.
CIC head unit, Screen and iDrive controller are used, but very good quality and individually checked and inspected prior to shipping. All other parts are new. All used hardware is covered by a limited 90 days warranty; all new hardware is covered by a limited 1 year warranty.
ConnectedDrive Retrofits

We hear everywhere that we live in the Age of Information, where we win by being able to access more information and better information quicker. Stay connected to the world right from your vehicle, anywhere you are with Connected Drive! With the Connected Drive you get access to high speed internet, Google Points of Interest, weather, Facebook, Twitter and Google Pictures; you can access BMW applications, video from your iphone and many more media extensions without leaving your vehicle!

Stay connected to your business, friends, family and the world around you even on the go!
BMW Connected Drive retrofit is considered to be an extension of Combox Media, which brings you even greater iPod/iPhone integration, the OEM style. BMW Connected Drive 6NR offers to you the following functionalities:
Third-party BMW Apps (such as Pandora)
Web radio
If you are looking to get even greater iPod/iPhone integration, then BMW Connected Drive 6NR + 6NF* is what you are looking for. In addition to the standard functionalities that come with BMW Connected Drive 6NR, you will get:
BMW Plug-in (Genius, album art, compiling playlists, etc. that are available on iPod)
Video streaming from iPod/iPhone
Video in motion activation

Pre-requisites: CIC or NBT navigation system (SA609), Combox (SA6VC), AUX/USB port in the armrest (SA6FL). In certain cases, you will need to have the latest software version prior to doing this retrofit. If you are not sure what your software version is, please send us an email.


E- Series Coding: Basic Coding

 Key fob to open/close windows/sunroof

 Key Fob to open/close mirrors (must have motorized side mirrors)

 Custom code mirrors to fold when locking doors (instant, 1 second or 2 seconds)

 Key Fob to open/close trunk (must have motorized trunk lid E70)

 Cabin trunk button open/closes the trunk lid (E70)

 DVD in motion for passengers only! (CIC head unit only)

 Legal disclaimer warning disabled

 Disable seatbelt chimes for driver and/or passenger

 Disable seatbelt butler

 Disable door chime when door is open

 E93 convertible to enable convertible top to open/close while in motion

 Disable window safety (windows continue to roll up when door is open)

 Auto door unlock when engine is turned off ( no longer double pull to open door)

 Comfort key fob eject when engine is turn off (no longer have to push in to eject fob)

 EURO blinkers-double blink hazards

 Disable sidemarkers (amber yellow lights on side)

 Fog lights stay on with high beams

 Fog lights stay on while flashing high beams

 Angel eyes as DRLs (3/07 production date on)

 Enable fog lights as welcome lights (3/07 production date on)

 Remove bulb errors from aftermarket lighting

 Digital speedo readout in cluster

 Disable speed correction of the digital readout

 Gauge cluster lights always on (like the M cluster lights)

 Enable shift suggestions (6MT only)

 Turn signal blinkers in HUD (headsup Display)

 Disable headlight washers

 Wipers end cycle (wipers return to start position without having to turn car on again)

 Read error codes in DME

 Clear error codes and check engine lights for dealer visits
E-Series Retrofit/Transmission flash/Activations

 CIC retrofit coding

 LCI Tail Light retrofit coding

 Alarm retrofit coding

 Bluetooth retrofit coding

 Aux Input retrofit coding

 FRM module retrofit coding

 Folding side mirror retrofit coding

 Xenon retrofit coding

 BatteryRegistration

 Navigation Map update 2014 map activation (CIC headunit)

 Sirius SAT activation (2010 till present) Additional Charges apply

 BMW APPS activation (2012 till present) Additional Charges apply

 Alpina B3 Trans flash (production date of 3/07 N54/N55 )additional charges applies

 N54 Procede or N54 JB4 installations


F- Series Coding: Basic Coding

 Key fob to open/close windows and sunroof

 Key fob to open/close mirrors (must have motorized mirrors option)

 Key fob to open/close trunk (must have motorized trunk lid option)

 Cabin trunk button to open/close (must have motorized trunk lid option)

 TC-TSA set to last memory

 Custom setting of mirrors to close (instant, 1 second or 2 seconds)

 Seatbelt chimes disabled drivers and/or passenger side

 Remove windows safety (windows continue to roll up when door is open

 Tail lights work as daytime running lights

 Fog lights stay on with high beams

 Fogs enabled as welcome lights

 Disable sidemarker lights (ugly ambers will only workas turn signals)

 DVD in motion (CIC and NBT equipped)

 Legal disclaimers disabled

 Parking disclaimers disabled

 Allow Parking cameras to work at any speed

 RDC safety enabled (tire temperature and psi shown in navigation screen)

 Phone Ringer transfer over to car

 HUD to show turn signal

 HUD to show Entertainment list

 HUD to show Telephone list

 Change Startup screen of I-drive ( change from BMW connected to M performance)

 Enable Torque/HP in Navigation (N63 and 550 not applicable)

 Reduce night automatic headlight sensitivity

 Enable USB to play XVID, XVCD ( NBT headunit only)

 Digital speedo readout in gauge cluster

 Read and clear error codes for dealer visits



 Sirius SAT Activation (additional charges applies)

 BMW Apps Activation (additional charges applies)

 Navigation map Activation update 2014 North America (CIC and NBT)