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We deal in worlds most advanced diagnostic tools, airbag programing and mileage correction tools.
we can also you provide you with original dealer tools for GM, FORD , CHRYSLER , MERCEDES ,BMW , PORCHE and more please send us an email for details.

Also online subscriptions for all car brands can be provided like Mercedes , GM ,Chrysler and almost all kind of car brands.

For Mercedes and BMW cars Maps pins and Maps for all regions also available, video in motion and many more can be provided, car audio update for bmw and mercedes cars can be done remotely via team viewer send us an email for more info.


Car Pro Tool is the world leading airbag solution programmer, which enable customer to edit any airbag modules mcu like renesas, Infineon , MPC , SPC , MAC and many other.
With the help of Car Pro Tool customer would be able to program all srs modules from 2000 to 2015 up to date.
The tool will enable customer to personally edit and modify the data as per the need of the customer.



Our online service www.tachosoftonline.com works on a points based system.
A single airbag ECU dump correction procedure costs 15 points.
editing mileage value stored in dash dump costs 7 points
(10 points for crypto models).

for dash dumps our service calculates the original KM value,
check if dump is OK and is not swapped
(if possible, for 93cxx series eeprom) before editing.

Even if the model is not listed, as our customer,
you will get free support from us.

please check this manual to understand how the  service works: http://www.tachosoftonline.com/tachosoftonlinemanual.pdf

Account will be created after the first payment.



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All the tools we sell we provide technical support to all our customers and keep our standards high and stay one step ahead of our competitors we offer support via skype, phone teamviewer according to customer need. Many companies would promise for support and would never provide, please think twice before you invest in any product . For more information send us an email and we will get back to you.


DiagProg 4 (DP4) is a fully professional diagnostic tester. DP 4 is a portable tool, which offers maximum flexibility and comfort, while maintaining ease of use. DiagProg 4 is an innovative device that allows to read and clear (erase) diagnostic errors – trouble codes in all brands and models of cars, trucks and motorcycles. The device supports all possible communication protocols: SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 9141, ISO 14230 (Keyword 2000), ISO 15765 (CAN bus).

A huge number of satisfied customers clearly INDICATES Diagprog 4 as the best professional diagnostic tester in the world.


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USA PROG FULL PACKAGE is an advanced Hand Held unit specifically designed for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, GM, Chevrolet, Ford, Lincoln, VW (Volkswagen), Audi, Mercedes, BMW, VW, exoctics, motorcycles, Skoda, Seat vehicles.A USA PROG allows your to write and make odometer corrections and read immo code by OBD2 port on almost all supported vehicles.You also have the ability to program airbags (reset airbag modules) and program radios, along with program all supported EEPROMs and Mircoprocessors and Microcontrollers through the programming option.
Enigma Tool:

Enigmatool is a portable diagnostic tester used mainly for repairing electronic modules in automobiles and mileage correction. Thanks to built-in editor of eeprom and processor memory, Enigma tool is an ideal tool for reading, editing and writing data to almost all electronic modules present in automobiles.